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AR Lenoble is one of the rare producers in Champagne that has been consistently family-owned and entirely independent since the very beginning. Sister-and-brother owners Anne and Antoine Malassagne are the great-grandchildren of Armand-Raphaël Graser who founded AR Lenoble in 1920. For nearly a century, AR Lenoble has remained 100% family-owned and 100% independent.

In 1993, Anne and Antoine started to transform the house they inherited from their father and in just over twenty years, they have quietly yet confidently transformed AR Lenoble into one of the jewels of the Champagne region.


In 2012, AR Lenoble was the second house in Champagne to be awarded the “Haute Valeur Environnementale” certification as part of a legal measure implemented under French law in 2007 to encourage sustainable development. After more than 20 years of environmentally-friendly procedures put in place on the estate, AR Lenoble was recognized for its zero use of chemical fertiliser, practically zero use of weed killer, drastic limits on the use of phytosanitary inputs to control mildew and powdery mildew in the vineyard and particular attention to biodiversity and enhancement of the vineyard with hedgerows, orchards, embankments, trees and low walls.  



Lots of producers talk about the involvement of certain family members but downplay the investors and shareholders actually running the company. On the other hand, AR Lenoble is entirely independent, meaning we only answer to ourselves. We are not in any rush to release our wines too early before they are ready. Every single cent is reinvested back into the company. Unlike many other producers in Champagne, AR Lenoble is able to guarantee the long-term perennial stability of our commercial strategy.

AR Lenoble believes very strongly in privileging the characteristic expression of fruit from its own vineyards located in three prime locations in Champagne:

CHOUILLY, the northernmost Grand Cru village located on the celebrated Côte des Blancs (10 hectares are estate-owned by AR Lenoble) and home of some of the most magnificent Chardonnay in all of Champagne.

BISSEUIL, the Premier Cru village located between Mareuil-sur-Ay and Tours-sur-Marne (6 hectares are estate-owned by AR Lenoble) and home of rich and structured Pinot Noir.

DAMERY, the site of AR Lenoble since 1920, located to the immediate east of Cumières. The village is home to some elegant and expressive Pinot Meunier due to soils that are a combination of clay and limestone. AR Lenoble is fortunate enough to own 2.5 hectares.


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