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The LXN's Story...

The story of LXN LEX AVENUE, as its name suggests, has its roots in Lexington Avenue in New York, where I, then an eager summer intern, found myself making coffee runs in the urban summer heat. It was one thing to be chilling on a college campus in a T-shirt, quite another to be running around in business wear, trying to look sharp. The discomfort aside, I discovered with horror that sweat marks would appear on my work shirts. This embarrassing, and reoccurring, sighting led to my experimenting with various efforts of disguise and prevention—standing in air-conditioned spaces where possible, wearing an undershirt to absorb some of the moisture,changing deodorants regularly to “prevent immunity”, throwing a suit jacket over (which made me sweat more)…

I eventually graduated into a full-time professional career which moved me from New York to Hong Kong. While I managed to scrape by in New York, Hong Kong’s infamous humidity posed challenges of a different caliber. The old tricks no longer worked in this urban jungle. They weren’t kidding when they called this the “fragrant harbor”. I was tired of being self-conscious about the sweat evidence left on my shirt, especially during important life events such as job interviews, client meetings, and yes, dates. I needed to find a real solution as soon as possible.

I realized I couldn’t be the only guy with overactive sweat glands. Besides, there is nothing wrong with sweating in itself—after all, it is a healthy release of toxins—so the goal was not to stop sweating altogether. The goal was to find a fabric that somehow allowed sweat droplets to leave the body but not linger on the shirt.

I managed to track down a revolutionary fabric made in Europe. It could not only hide sweat marks but was also stain-resistant and importantly, comfortable and breathable. It was like a dream come true. I thought, why not find a way to bring this to more people, and adapt it into shirts that men and women can wear every day?

So after months of perfecting the manufacturing process, tweaking the shirt designs, obsessing over every tiny detail, and countless test runs, we were ready to launch Lex Avenue: a brand that collects and shares the latest, most advanced business attire that will help you to be at the top of your game, looking sharp while feeling your best. We are committed to creating quality business shirts and other apparel tailored to your unique taste, style, and fit, and that means continually working with our customers to provide the best experience.


The LXN's Shirts...

Premium Fabrics with Technological Functions

High-end shirt makers use cotton because it's the softest and most comfortable fabric to wear. However, haven’t you noticed that cotton saturates easily and dries slowly, resulting in awkward sweat marks appearing? Our patented moisture-wicking, anti-sweatmarks fabric is made with single-layered 140s super-high thread count cotton, with a silky smoothness and superior breathability that is one of the finest in the world. Here’s how our anti-sweatmarks / moisture-wicking technology works: Using a scientific weaving technique, our fabric draws perspiration away from the skin and transports it across the shirt's inner surface. The moisture is then spread very finely over a large surface area, encouraging it to dry quickly, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day. The second function of our shirt is stain-resistance. Unlike conventional surface-coated fabrics in the marketplace, we treat each individual yarn at a microscopic level which does not compromise softness or breathability. Still doubting? Come visit us at our shop, and take a look for yourself. You will be amazed at the fine quality.


Our ready-to-wear shirts also are produced with an equal level of craftsmanship. Since our fabric is specially weaved and constructed, we have carefully selected one of the most reputable manufacturers in Indonesia to handle our ready-to-wear production. We work closely with them to ensure every shirt is reviewed to the highest level of detail before it is shipped to our shop.

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