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Leon Croizet established his Cognac House in the prestigious Grande Champagne Region of Cognac in 1805 and has continuously sold Single Vintage Cognac since its creation, only one of three cognac houses ever to do so. 

Cognac Croizet has won multiple awards such as the highest award in France The Legion of Honor, and most recently in 2011, a bottle of Croizet’s Cuvée Léonie which sold for 1 million RMB in Shanghai, and is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive cognac ever sold at auction.

In 2013 Croizet's Winston Cocktail became The Guinness World Records Most Expensive Cocktail, selling for 12,500 AUD a glass.

To learn more about Croizet, watch their brand movies

Cognac Croizet VSOP Gold


Elegant and delicious. Croizet VSOP Gold can be enjoyed neat in a traditional balloon glass. Due to its Grand Champagne origins, this well balanced cognac has great aromatic richness and is an exceptional VSOP Cognac. 


$480 / Bottle                                                BUY NOW

Cognac Croizet VSOP Gold


A beautifully-crafted superior XO Gold Cognac, aged in oak casks for much longer than the minimum XO requirement, and showing a delicate, restrained complexity on the nose and palate.

Croizet XOs have won many awards most recently in both 2004 and 2005 at the San Francisco, USA Spirit Competition. At the same time the Croizet Classic XO won gold medals in both years.


$1,680 / Bottle                                             BUY NOW

Cognac Croizet VSOP Gold


The aromas are powerful offering up magnificent notes of candied fruits. Croizet has used some of its most prized Grande Champagne cognacs to give this cognac its superb finish, great length and aromatic richness. 


$3,500 / Bottle                                             BUY NOW

Cognac Croizet VSOP Gold


Today these treasures are released only in very limited quantities and they reflect the very special seasonal conditions of a particular year when the champagne grapes were harvested. For this reason they are cherished by collectors who appreciate their rare and unique flavours as well as investment value.

Tasting notes are supplied with each bottle and the cost includes the gift box.

Vintage 1989 - $8,900/Bottle                                                          BUY NOW

Vintage 1988 - $9,600/Bottle                                                          BUY NOW

Vintage 1985 - $9,000/Bottle                                                          BUY NOW

Vintage 1984 - $9,600/Bottle                                                          BUY NOW

Vintage 1975 - $9,800/Bottle                                                          BUY NOW

Vintage 1972 - $11,000/Bottle                                                        BUY NOW

Vintage 1967 - $61,000/Bottle                                                        BUY NOW

Vintage 1961 - $70,000/Bottle                                                        BUY NOW

Cognac Croizet Collector Limited Edition ( 6 different Vintages in the spesial wooden Gift Box )

Collector Limited Edition Set

This Exclusive Collector Limited Edition Set  is from one of Cognac Croizet’s finest selection of Six Single Vintages spanning three decades. It has been released to celebrate Cognac Croizet’s  World Record Auction on 24 September 2011 held in Shanghai, where a single bottle of its rare Cuvee Leonie, a pre-phylloxera cognac dating back to the single harvest of 1858 sold for 1 million RMB ( 156,760 USD ). Each set contains six rare Single Vintages and only 10 sets have been released in Hong Kong.

As you enjoy these exceptional six Single Vintages you enter an exclusive club said to include Russian Tsars, Winston Churchill, General Eisenhower, and even passengers on board the Titanic in 1912. It is truly a special event and as such this Collector Limited Edition is very precious. Each set is carefully numbered and a certificate containing each Single Vintage tasting notes is enclosed in both English and Mandarin.

Each bottle is 20 CL, six bottles in total.


$19,800 / Set                                                 BUY NOW